Dominos v. Papa John’s v. Pizza Hut


Business Insider

The three kings of pizza

Denis Ilksoy, Staff Writer

Picture this: You are anyone in the United States doing near any activity imaginable. The call of hunger becomes too loud and you and your friends decide to order a pizza; One of the undeniable staples of American life. Then the question is asked: Where should we order from?


Unless, everyone is a fan of a local pizzeria or agree on a lesser known pizza chain, the debate will almost always shift to Domino’s, Papa John’s or Pizza Hut. It is a difficult question to ask but when asking me I can narrow it down easily to two choices. This is sure to ruffle some feathers but Papa John’s must go. 


It is the greasiest Pizza without doubt. Even if I was starving in the Canadian tundras, alone and cold, I could barely eat half of a slice of Papa John’s until it became inedible. It is a clear loser.


As for the other two, it is a close call as they both make pretty good pizza and have timely delivery, even if “you can’t out pizza the hut.” Dominos puts up a strong fight with a wide fleet of outstanding pizzas. Pizza hut is a family classic and reigning champion of the 1990s. 


Frankly, As long as it’s not Papa John’s any pizza is welcome at my kitchen table.