Revival of the Tennis Skirt


Emma Chamberlain

Famous influencer, Emma Chamberlain, pulling off the collared crew neck & tennis skirt look.

Pleated tennis skirts were first made popular in the 1950’s with tennis players such as Maureen Connolly, however, today they are commonly worn by teenagers as a part of their daily fashion. This is the result of celebrities like Emma Chamberlain and Kendall Jenner displaying the skirts on their social media platforms. This trend is particularly marketed in urban areas for teens and young adults. For example, when walking around RHS it would be unusual to not see at least one tennis skirt.

Roswell Junior Ansley Tanner with a more casual, but still trendy, look. (Ansley Tanner)

The revival of the tennis skirt from the 1950’s has also brought a new style. From casual to formal attire the possibilities are endless. Some choose to style their skirts with crewnecks and collared shirts, while others choose fitted blouses and cropped cardigans. There is also a large selection of shoes to pair with either of these potential outfits. For crewnecks and collard shirts, the shoes tend to lean more towards athletic aesthetics and for fitted blouses and cropped cardigans the shoes tend to be bulkier.

Teenagers are purchasing this pleated fashion trend through several different avenues. Cheaper options can be found at larger stores such as Amazon and Forever 21. Thrift stores are also an option for cheaper and more eco-friendly ways to participate in this trend. High-end options include  Urban Outfitters and Nike, these skirts will be of higher quality and more true-to-size.

In our opinion, the collared shirt and crewneck look is superior. This is because its more comfortable and casual and can be worn in any setting. It also coincides with the school dress code and makes for an appropriate outfit that still spurs admiration amongst peers.