My favorite shoes of 2020


Drew Maddox

From left to right; Steve Madden Kimmie Sandals, Nike Air Max 90’s, Nike Air Max 270 React’s.

Drew Maddox, Staff Writer

If there’s one thing in the world I would spend all of my money on, it’s definitely shoes. When I wear shoes that look really cool, it boosts my self-confidence throughout the day. This year I definitely upped my shoe game much better than the years before, so I thought I would share my top three favorites! 


#3 Steve Madden Kimmie Sandals 

Steve Madden usually makes amazing shoes and I got super excited when these sandals became popular. I wear mine all the time with casual and nice outfits, they are great for the beach and summertime. They come in three colors and my choice was black so I could match them better with outfits. 

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#2 Nike Air Max 90’s

These shoes have to be one of my favorites ever! I wear them almost every day to school because they match everything and are so comfortable. They come in so many color combinations and you could even customize your own pair! 

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#1 Nike Air Max 270 Reacts

By far my number one pick! These shoes look so cool on and match pretty much whatever you wear. You can dress them up or dress them down which I love. They come in so many different color combinations and are very comfortable on any occasion!

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