Comeback of Y2K fashion

Fashion trends always change each decade. These fashion trends always tend to modernize and grow popular at different times around the world. Although introducing new clothes can always start new movements, old trends have resurfaced themselves. Within the last few years we saw the return of the 80s fashion with scrunchies, mom jeans, and monochrome clothes. Now we are seeing a new rise in the return of y2k fashion.

Y2k fashion was popular in the late 90s and early 2000s influenced by Bratz dolls, Mean Girls, and other coming of age movies. Y2k fashion consists of small tops with bigger pants, bigger pants with bigger shirts, mini skirts, pigtails, lip gloss, butterfly clips, mini purses and low rise jeans. For men it consists of crop tops, denim, baggy pants, and muscle tank tops.

One reason it has become so popular is because it is more affordable. To achieve the y2k aesthetic many people go to local thrift stores because they can get authentic clothes from the early 2000s. It also makes more people gravitate towards this style of clothing when it is more affordable than name brand clothing.

Wearing a y2k inspired outfit with big pants and a big top. The outfit is a combination of early 2000s y2k and late 90s street fashion.
Picture by Nicole Powichroski.

Different celebrities that gained popularity in the early 2000s are a big inspiration for outfit ideas. Celebrities like Paris Hitlon, Beyonce, Kim Kardashion, Lindsay Lohan, Hillary Duff, Britteny Spears, etc have also gone back to their 2000s looks as it gains more popularity. Cr Fashion Book wrote an article on the comeback of y2k saying “While Gen-Z and Millennials’ early fashion conscious was molded through pop culture, they are now dictated by models and influencers through social media.” Young teens seeing their favorite celebrities wear a certain style or bring back their old style is one of the main reasons for them to recreate their look. This style shines away from the modern minimalist style that was begging to rise in popularity.