Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

The futuristic new mode of transportation: Hyperloop

Denis Ilksoy, Staff Writer

Over the past 20 years, almost all forms of transportation have been improved to near unimaginable aspects. One of these however is about to take major strides in the near future. Thanks to Elon Musk’s companies SpaceX and Tesla, a new train idea is coming to revolutionize public transportation.


Dubbed the HyperLoop, this train is less train than it is speeding bullet in a vacuum. To be incredibly more concise, the Hyperloop is a suspended cylinder that sits in a near completely depressurized tunnel. This gives the train a space-like effect with 0 air resistance as it travels speeds that easily crush an F15 raptor fighter jet. That means a group of passengers will be travelling across an entire country in mere hours going at an estimated 760 mph.


On par with Elon Musk’s revolutionizing game, the Hyperloop is even called a 5th mode of transportation that is weatherproof, insanely efficient, and can run solely on renewable electricity. 


This new mode of transportation would truly bring us into the futuristic cities that many artists have envisioned.