Half Priced Books: The perfect fall activity


Rachel Sandstrom

There are rows and rows like this of books throughout the entire store creating the perfect environment for a cozy, crisp fall day of browsing the endless maze of books.

Rachel Sandstrom, Staff Writer

Thrifting has become somewhat of a trend over the past couple of years. People like the idea of getting all different styles of clothes from different eras of fashion for a price that won’t burn a hole through their wallets. Buying second hand is always a good way to save some money and experience a different atmosphere from big department stores. Half Priced Books has taken this idea and applied it specifically to used books, comics, DVDs, CDs, cassettes, and records. You can buy all these items second hand and for half their original price while experiencing that homey feel only a small shop can give you.


One of my favorite activities to do on a crisp fall day is to visit Half Priced Books, browse through the records, and maybe even purchase a few books to add to my ever-growing reading list. When you enter the store, you are immediately hit with that very distinct paper aroma only old books can have. It makes me want to buy every book in the store, go home, curl up in a warm blanket, and read until every book is finished. I also won’t feel too bad about buying the whole store because it cost me half as much as it would have if I bought the books new. 


The store is very well organized, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. The books are stored on shelves by genres and at the beginning of each aisle, the genre name is labeled above the bookshelf. Once you are in your chosen aisle, every book is organized in alphabetical order by the author’s last name. If you are having trouble finding something, an employee will happily help you find what you’re looking for. They know the store inside and out so it won’t take them more than a minute or so to locate your desired book. 


In addition to the abundance of books at half price, there is a whole section of clearance books where you can buy a book for as little as a dollar. Don’t be confused by these low prices, there are many hidden gems among these books. As well as books on clearance, there is also a whole shelf of clearance records that you can purchase for (you guessed it) as little as a dollar. There’s a lot of classical records among these clearance items though not as much old pop or rock to choose from like there is with the half priced records. So if you’re looking for some classical music to add to your record collection, be sure to check out the clearance shelf. 


With the weather changing and leaves falling, there has never been a better time than now to visit Half Priced Books. It’s a different way to get into the spirit of fall opposed to your classic pumpkin patch or apple picking but still just as enjoyable. It’s also always a good idea to buy second hand anyways because it’s better for the environment and well, it’s cheaper. So next time you’re looking for a book, make sure to check if Half Priced Books carries it to save a bit of money and even feel good about helping the environment.