Review of “On My Block”



this is an exciting series of never ending conflict!

Grady Johnson, Staff Writer

If you love the city of Los Angeles, then the show “On My Block” is a great one to watch! The show is based of an inner city area called Freeridge in Los Angeles. Four teen friends are about to start high school and are very nervous. The show starts off by introducing the characters one by one and giving background on what each of their lifestyles are like. The show starts off slow, but as you learn more and more about the history of the town, you learn the mysteries of a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered.

The friends must deal with the fact that their friend is in a gang. They constantly think how they will convince him to get out, but that’s the least of their problems as teen love slowly tears their friendship apart. Problems are constant in this exciting series.

I highly recommend you go watch this show if you love never-ending conflicts!