Attention: It is NOT time for Christmas music!


Claire Mulkey

Reminder, folks: If the trees are still orange, that means it’s too early for Christmas tunes!

Claire Mulkey, Director of Communications

Every year, the holiday season moves closer and closer towards the summer months. If intervention steps aren’t taken, Halloween, Thanksgiving and maybe even Labor Day will be completely absorbed by the December holidays! Stores around Roswell are setting up their Christmas displays and a few have even started to play Christmas music in their stores. Canton Street and the Roswell Square have been outfitted with towering Christmas trees adorned with lights and red ribbon. Teens are already wearing out their Christmas playlists and taking part in TikTok trends with Christmas songs.

It is easy to get caught up with the early birds, because holiday cheer is so infectious. However, to preserve the special excitement that comes every December, Christmas music and celebrations need to wait to make their appearances until after the fourth Thursday in November. Otherwise, the songs lose their appeal and the season loses some of its shine. Didn’t these people’s grandmothers tell them what bad luck it is to play Christmas music before the Christmas season?

This holiday season, try to slow down and enjoy the fall. Halloween has passed quickly, but Thanksgiving doesn’t deserve the same treatment. Keep Thanksgiving in November and Christmas in December so that you can enjoy every part of the holidays!

If you want to see some of those Christmas decorations already up around Roswell, click this link.