Best gifts to purchase for your mom for the holidays

Alexandra Wiggins, Staff Writer

Many people around the holiday season struggle to come up with items to purchase for others, especially their mothers. During the year, moms work hard to help their children and succeed in their jobs, so they deserve the best gift during the holidays. Here are some ideas to help your mom enjoy the holidays a little more and help with their stress!

Many moms enjoy fragrant smells throughout their homes and enjoy a clean scent as well. If a mother does not already have one, now would be your chance to purchase one as a gift. An essential oil diffuser lets off scents throughout the house and is easy to use. To use most diffusers, you will begin by filling it with water, then choosing one of the scents that you either bought or that came with the set, next just add a few drops in the container and start diffusing! One can find inexpensive essential oil diffusers on Amazon that include the essential oils. Click here to purchase one for your mom before it’s too late!

First gift, best gift! Essential oils diffusing (Felicia Buitenwerf)

Mothers love to cook and try new recipes, so they could never have enough cookbooks. Cookbooks are another great, inexpensive holiday gift idea that mothers will love and use quite often. One of the most popular cookbook chefs amongst mothers these days is Ina Garten. She is known for her Barefoot Contessa series which contains a numerous amount of recipes. Her newest book, that was released in 2020, is called Modern Comfort Food. Many of these dishes are inspired by Garten’s favorite childhood dishes that will cure your cravings. Click here to purchase one today!

One final inexpensive gift idea for your mom is a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets have become quite popular over the past few holiday seasons and they do not disappoint. There’s a variety of weights of these blankets that one can purchase depending on how heavy one wants it when they cover  themselves. They bring comfort and warmth, which most mothers seem to really like especially during the winter months. Since it’s so cold during the holiday season, this gift may be the best out of all three to purchase for your mother. Click here to purchase one at a lower price! 

Christmas morning with gifts under the tree. (Taisiia Shestopal)