Profile on Charlie Barnhill: the the kid who like to help others

April McBride, Staff Writer

Charlie Barnhill came into Roswell as a freshman this year. He loves to draw, write, talk to online friends through Discord and go on walks with his family. After coming back face-to-face to school in September Charlie noticed that everyone would constantly get hit by the doors when opening them and he just started to hold them open every once and awhile. This slowly turned into an everyday thing. Before school, after, fire drills, lunches and anytime he is passing through a doorway you can count on Charlie to hold the door. He now has a reputation for holding the door and people around the school now recognize him as that. “I don’t know it just started and I now have some sort of identity here. I didn’t mean for this to happen but maybe I’ll stick with it all of high school,” he shared.

This new identity has made for some interesting interactions. One guy told Charlie he would pay him ten dollars for all of the times he had held the door for him, some people just thank him. Most don’t say anything though, “Yeah mostly no one says much to me but they all recognize me now.”

 Senior Emanual Hiraldo always sees Charlie holding the door, “Oh yeah that freshman who’s always helping people out, he seems cool.” 

When asked why Charlie does it he responded, “I mean I just saw a problem in the school, and I wanted to fix it. It’s cool though because now people know of me, not just some random freshman”. He explained that he sees himself as “a medic type of person, not medically but in like personality I guess”. 

Holding the door is not the only thing Charlie has going for him. He is also a skilled illustrator and hopes of becoming an animator after college. “I have a lot of ideas for projects and how I want to create new themes in TV and movies”. This passion for art comes from an interest in how people view the world, “I just see myself as a normal guy, I want to create things that will be from a more normal perspective. I just like the idea of exploring being regular”. Charlie is currently taking Intro to Art and he expects to take more specific drawing and composition classes through Roswell to refine his skills over the next four years. Despite his aspirations in animation, Charlie says his real goals for during and beyond high school are to “make some money, do what I like and go on lots of walks”.