Experiment with the Roswell Chemistry Club


Claire Mulkey, Director of Communications

Another favorite Roswell club is back! The Chemistry Club had their first meeting last week and it was a success! Seniors Katie Nay, Betsy Gould, and Evan Watson are the officers this year, led by sponsor Christi Chilton, who teaches Honors and AP Chemistry at Roswell High School. The club is so popular that the sign-up spots at the meeting were full, with more kids still on the waiting list to get in.

The Roswell Chem Club started in September 2014. Mrs. Chilton remembers all the different years of officers, students, and experiments fondly. The club even got officially recognized by the Society Committee on Education. 

The Chem Club sounds boring to outsiders, but members know how fun the experiments and activities can be. Exploding pumpkins, dry ice bubbles, smoking apple cider, candy periodic tables, etc. Mrs. Chilton has a passion for the subject and shows her students how the infamously difficult class can be fun! 

As with most activities and traditions this year, the Chem Club faced challenges because of COVID-19. Arguably the biggest obstacle is the 20-person limit. The officers created a signup form for students to reserve their spot at the meeting, as the 20-person rule takes away the guarantee of entry into the meeting. Students must socially distance and of course, wear their masks at all times. Sharing food and drinks is also discouraged, which limits the fun experiments performed in years past.

Although faced with hardship, the Chem Club has managed to stay afloat and invite new members in. Junior Marlee Greenspan says that she enjoys the fun experiments with her friends. Junior Eve Heslin also says that she specifically “enjoyed the dry ice experiment.” 

The Chem Club allows all members of the RHS student body to join. They do not even have to be enrolled in chemistry to attend meetings. Members don’t have to be chemistry geniuses either, as people with all levels of chemistry knowledge are welcome. 

At Chem Club, students can partake in fun experiments and chemistry treats, like this “witch’s brew” of apple juice and dry ice!
Picture by Claire Mulkey

Members of the Chemistry Club encourage students to come out and try something new! Meetings are usually on Wednesdays, though not every week. Text @rhschemc to 81010 to join the remind text, will inform students when the upcoming meetings are. They look forward to seeing new faces at the next meeting!