Ways that Social Media affect students


In correlation, it is recommended that you should spend 30 minutes on social media a day this can lead to better health. Picture by David Blanton

David Blanton, Staff Writer

Social media has changed over generations as it has developed year after year. In the process of this, the society of the students that use social media has changed as well. This has caused social media platforms to be used more and more as it plays a big part in today’s society. With students using social media as much as they do now, it produces negative impacts and some positive effects on what they value in life.

When social media started to be more used and “important” to students it allows the bigger people/creators to spread out what they do throughout the day. Since social media platforms have grown so much over the years more people start to watch and a lot of those viewers are students. These creators put out videos or posts and people enjoy watching and looking at what they do. In this process depending on what type of content you are watching, they will talk about and show what they value. And since students have gotten drawn into these creators, they enjoy watching a lot of the things they value which start to become part of the student’s values as well. And what students choose to intake from these creators is important because while not all of it is bad, not all of it is good.

Some positive impacts of starting to find interest in what a popular creator values include…

  • Many creators like to show how they value their families and don’t take it for granted
  • They like to show where they started off and to always be grateful no matter what you have at that given time 
  • A lot of creators show how they give back to there families in return for what they have done for them
  • They show that you should pursue a talent you have 

Some negative impacts of starting to find interest in what a popular creator values include…

  • Some creators are known for spending lots  of money on clothes, shoes, etc this can lead to the viewer starting to think that is something they need to have and value to fit in today’s society
  • Certain creators tend to show off money and things they have/value and look down on others that do not have it
  • Influencers show their view on certain topics that they value and sometimes start to force onto their viewers

Although these points are relevant in what you choose to take in from these creators, you also should think about what you personally desire. When watching these videos or looking at posts remember what you desire and value and do not only feed off of other people’s desires. You should educate yourself on how you can have a healthier lifestyle while using social see more information here and here.