Superb Student and Joyful Junior Class President Sadie Zeigler

Gemma Mueller-Hill, Staff Writer

“No Stress!”, is Sadie Zeigler’s signature catchphrase and can often be heard echoing throughout the halls. Zeigler is ambitious not only academically but also in athletics, our community, and the fine arts. Sadie is known school wide for her positive attitude and contagious enthusiasm. Junior, Marlee describes Sadie, “I’ve been friends with Sadie since as long as I can remember and no matter what, she is always there to lift me up as well as those around her”.                                                                                                               

One way Sadie Zeigler makes a notable impact on the school is through her efforts as the Junior Class President. Zeigler elaborated on her main goals as president and stated that she is, “always looking to include everyone and make students at Roswell feel at home”. 

As Junior Class President, Sadie helps organize school events, spirit days and keeps everyone informed of important school proceedingsSadie also feels that her position as president extends well beyond the typical school hours and “hopes each and every student knows I’m here for them no matter what they need”.  

Sadie Zeigler hard at work, scooping ice cream and interacting with customers at Bruster’s.
Picture by Mrs. Zeigler

Zeigler can also frequently be seen scooping ice cream and composing other cold treats at Brusters after school. Bruster’s is Roswell High School’s favorite and closest ice cream shop, especially after Friday night football games. Sadie displays her love for Roswell and sweet treats when asked about her experience working at Bruster’s, “I love seeing others from the community and serving ice cream!”. 

Along with her position as Junior Class President and her part-time job at Bruster’s, Sadie has an accelerated school course-load. She takes several AP classes and says, “Taking AP classes throughout my high school career has been stressful but very rewarding”. She maintains this positivity when asked if she has any advice for students considering taking more accelerated courses, “Studying has become a huge block of my day and the challenges keep me motivated.” 

To add to her lengthy list of accomplishments, Sadie is also a member of the orchestra program. Sadie has been playing the cello since sixth grade and plans to continue until she graduates. Sadie states, “Orchestra has been such a great experience that has allowed me to destress throughout the day and relax from my other classes by making music with my best friends”. 

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