Picnic tables generously donated by the PTSA to be set up at Roswell High


Ed Klaas

The volunteers make quick work at building the picnic tables so students are able to have more space to eat outside in the future.

Savannah Young, Staff Writer

Have you ever gone outside with your friends—hoping to enjoy a nice lunch and get some fresh air— only to find that there are no more empty tables? If you have, you’re in luck. 

Back in October of 2020, the PTSA sent out a newsletter to the students and families of Roswell High School. The newsletter mentioned 25 picnic tables set to be installed at Roswell High School in the following weeks. 

At the time, there wasn’t much information out about the new seating coming to RHS, so I sat down and spoke with Ed Klass, the PTSA co-president, about the subject. Below, you’ll find all yours answers to the questions about the topic.  


Two volunteers begin to lay out all of the wood from the kit in order to begin construction. (Ed Klaas)

Why are there more picnic tables coming to Roswell High? 

“We understand that the students and staff at RHS are going through a rough patch due to the pandemic.” Ed Klaas said, “And we also understand the need for fresh air. 

Originally, Klaas’ plan was to give seating to the teachers during their first few week’s solo at school, as they weren’t able to socialize with their colleagues. 

“I came up with the idea of donating picnic tables a few months ago.” Ed stated, “It was originally going to be used as an area for the teachers to chat during their lunch break. Then, when students came back, it would be an area for them to socialize.” 

Unfortunately, Klaas was unable to get the picnic tables to the teachers in time, as Home Depot’s lumber suppliers had shut down due to COVID. So, he had to get creative. 

“I reached out to a friend of mine who supplies lumber to Home Depot, and he was kind enough to make the picnic tables we needed—which wound up being 25 when we were all said and done.” He said. 


Two parent begins to assemble one of the first picnic tables, ready for the long day ahead. (Ed Klaas)


Who came up with the idea to purchase more picnic tables? 

“I came up with the idea a few months back.” Klaas stated, “I was going to pitch in and buy ten. When I told the PTSA about it, they pitched in to buy ten more. Then, a few buddies of mine pitched in to buy five more. We wanted to get to thirty, but Home Depot said that they could only do 25.” 

While Klaas, his friends, and the PTSA were fully able and willing to make the purchases, a man by the name of Phillip Chritton stepped in and reimbursed some of their expenses through a donation. 

Phillip has always donated to the high school.” Klass said, “He’s donated to the special needs classrooms and donated the screen in the main hallway—among other thingsWe’re beyond grateful for him and his contributions.” 


When will the picnic tables be installed? 

“We’re still building them, at the moment.” Klaas stated, “The local church is allowing us to assemble them there on the weekends and, thanks to Eric House, who got a few parents to help put them together, we’ve already finished assembling nine on Sunday the 15th.” 


Nine out of 25 picnic tables completed after a long weekend of assembly. (Ed Klaas)


Now that they’re familiar with building the tables, Klaas is sure that they’ll be able to get them done in no time. 

“It took us a few tables to get used to the directions, but we were able to catch on pretty fast.” He said, “We hope to get them finished over Thanksgiving break, but nothings for sure. The weather down here changes so fast, and, because it’s a holiday weekend, not everyone will be available.” 

And, while they’re still being installed at the moment, Klaas hopes that they’ll be done before Winter break.  

“I don’t have a timeframe for when they’ll be set up around campus, but I’m hoping that it’s before Winter Break.” He stated, “Even if it’s too cold to sit outside, at least they’ll be out there for when it starts to warm up.” 


Where will the picnic tables be installed? 

“That’s not up to the PTSA, but I can imagine that it’ll be in close proximity to wear the picnic tables are now.” He said, “The PTSA recently razed the tree canopies, so there’s a lot of different options of where to put them now.” 


Why will clubs be able to decorate the tables? 

“We think that it’s important for the students to have their “mark” on the school.” Klaas said, “While they don’t need to be painted, we thought that it would be something fun for the kids to do. It doesn’t mean that only they can sit there, but it does bring awareness to their clubs, which is always a good thing.” 

Currently, they don’t know which clubs will sign up to decorate (paint) the tables but will have a sign-up soon. 

“A few club sponsors have already expressed their interest in painting them.” Klaas stated, “While the painting will have to be done off-campus, it’s still a great way for club members to form friendships and bring awareness to what they’re interested in.” 


The parents who helped assemble the picnic tables stand by their finished creation as the day turns to night. (Ed Klaas)


The Roswell High School PTSA is always open to hearing your suggestions. If there’s anything you think that the school needs, feel free to email the presidents here: [email protected] .