The best foods I ate in Spain


Gabby Lerner

This zucchini and asparagus was a perfect side to the salmon dish.

Gabby Lerner, Director of Business

March of 2019 was unforgettable. I travelled to Spain and I spent ten days trying different foods and drinks. I spent most of my time in Salamanca, a small university town about two hours outside Madrid. 

Spain is known for its paella and I was not disappointed! I had paella multiple times on my trip and they all tasted unique and amazing. 

This paella had shrimp, fish, chicken and mussels in it on a bed on rice. (Gabby Lerner)

In addition to paella, I drank a lot of coffee. Although this picture is not the best, this was my favorite cup of coffee. It was warm, foamy, and delicious. I loved trying all the different coffee from different coffee shops. 

I had my favorite cup of coffee in a small coffee shop outside the University of Salamanca. (Gabby Lerner)

The last and sweetest thing I ate in Spain was churros that we dipped in chocolate. The rich, creamy chocolate and sweet churros were a perfect remedy for healing my jetlag. 

These churros and chocolate gave me my first taste of Spain and I was not disappointed. (Gabby Lerner)

Spain is an amazing country with different cuisines in each region and you should definitely put it on your bucket list.

All of the seafood was fresh and tasty, especially this salmon. (Gabby Lerner)