2020 Presidential Election


Sammy Caifano, sophomore, after finding the results of the 2020 election. Taken by Nicole Powichroski.

Nicole Powichroski

After a never ending nightmare of campaigning, debating, and voting, the 2020 election president-elect has been declared as Joe Biden with vice president-elect Kamala Harris. The Democrat duo ran against current United States president Donald J. Trump, who ran as a Republican. Biden won the popular vote with over 79 million votes, while Donald Trump lost with 73 million votes. Ultimately, what won the election for Biden and the Democrats was Biden winning 290 electoral votes and Trump winning 232 electoral votes. 


The president-elect was announced Saturday, Nov 7, which was four days after the initial Election Day. On Saturday many celebrated the win of Biden and Kamala because it gave people a new sense of hope for their future and the future of our country. People celebrated outside the White House and through the streets of major cities to celebrate this victory. 


Although many people were excited to elect a new president, others, like Trump’s supporters, were not excited by the news of Biden’s election. Due to the extensive voter strategy of mail-in ballots, many people were calling the election a fraud and demanded a voter recount. For states with about a .5% difference votes will get an automatic recount due to the margins being so close, but the close race has no indications of voter fraud. This conspiracy is mainly formed from Donald Trump and his family. An ABC article writes “The brothers, who have over 10 million followers combined on Twitter alone, also shared content that claimed dead voters cast ballots or that ballot counters were illegally changing ballots, the study found. There is no evidence to support any of these claims.” Having millions of followers online and spreading conspiracy theories like these can be incredibly dangerous especially when there is no physical evidence to back up their claims.

Sophomore Ethan Codeli says “I’m glad it is finally over. I think having Biden as president will create less of a divide between people because it was really tense all the time during the election and pretty much all of Trump’s presidency. I think also a lot of people feel a new sense of hope because Biden has a lot more visions for equality than Trump has or had. I wish people would accept the results and move on. There is nothing that even proves that the Democrats cheated. There was more evidence of Republican voter fraud during the 2016 election. I’m excited that Trump is no longer president and I’m ready for Biden to be in office, but if only everyone could accept it this way too,” when asked about his opinion regarding the election.


This election has had the voter turn-out of the century. Around 239.2 million people voted in the 2020 election, the most ever. With Biden’s 79 millions votes he became the presidential elect with the most votes in history. Biden won 26 of the 50 states while Trump won 24. It was a clear victory for Biden, even with Trump’s attempt to call voter fraud, which was denied by state courts. Due to this massive turn-out, in January of 2021 Joe Biden will be inaugurated as President of the United States beside Kamala Harris.


Click here to view a video explaining how the president wins each state based off the electoral college.