Effects of Covid on Spring Break


Photo I took of the empty beaches at Mirimar Beach in March of 2020. Picture by Lauren Helsing

Lauren Helsing, Staff Writer

Spring Break 2020 was a dumpster fire mixed up with what we knew and did not know about the coronavirus. Last year we sort of went about our business while trying to be normal teenagers, but we are continuing to grow a sense of restriction due to the COVID-19 virus.

Those of us who went to Florida last spring break encountered beaches that were starting to close down, so we had to find different ways to “hang out”. Uncertainty was all around us as our parents became more concerned about the virus spreading and the number of death’s beginning to occur. Florida was a particular social media villain as pictures of crowded spring break beaches emerged as possible virus spreaders.

As we enter the Winter months, we see the virus spreading more rapidly and causing continued concern. Cities where it has gotten cold earlier than here in Roswell have seen large increases of virus spread as everyone has had to move indoors. Living in Nebraska, my grandmother Nona Helsing has told me, “I have had to move to being mostly indoors and staying away from almost everyone because of how cold it is here. The number of cases has had yet another increase and it scares me to even go to the grocery store”. Yes, a vaccine is on the horizon, but it may not be available until the middle part of 2021.

So how can we find a way to have and enjoy our Spring Break in 2021? We are scheduled for our break from April 3 rd to April 11 th , and hopefully it is going to be somewhat warm. Fortunately, Destin Florida still has open beaches and will likely be available for a short Spring Break trip. As teenagers, we need to think of others and wear our masks when needed, particularly, if we are around parents and grandparents.

If you cannot find yourself at the beach in a place like Florida or cannot travel, there are other things we can do in the middle of this pandemic. Some ideas could include working some extra hours to save up money, hiking in the nearby Georgia mountains, canoeing on some of the Georgia rivers, working out and exercising, and hanging out with friends that you know are covid-negative. Together we can get through this uncertain time and get back to things we know and love, like spring break.