A trip to Six Flags during COVID-19


Workers at Six Flags over Georgia clean down rides and always keep a mask on due to Covid-19 regulations. Photo credit: Fox 5 Atlanta

Lauren Helsing, Staff Writer


      Since the world is so different due to the outbreak of COVID-19, I did not know what to expect going to Six Flags for the day. Now that the weather is getting colder, less people visit daily, regardless of the virus. Therefore, due to COVID-19 and cold weather, wait times for the rides were no longer than 5 minutes. If you have ever been to Six Flags, especially in the summer, you know that the lines can be excruciating to sit in when you will only be on the actual ride for about a minute.

      The team at Six Flags Over Georgia is taking enough precautions with the virus to make everyone’s experience more enjoyable and relaxing. Before entering the “Superman” ride on my visit, the entire ride was sprayed down with antiviral spray and taken on a ride to dry it off; their creativity really showed from that idea. Even though it is an outdoor theme park, masks are required to be worn and from the moment you walk through the gates, there are attendants waiting to remind you to keep it on.

Overall, my experience at Six Flags, as we approach winter in the midst of COVID-19, felt safe and easy-going. Short lines are worth the colder weather, just make sure to dress warm and wear a mask!