Mac DeMarco’s New Album

Nicole Powichroski, Staff Writer

Over the course of 2020, singer-songwriter Mac Demarco has released three albums, two of which are continuations of his main album “Here Comes the Cowboy.” His most recent release was his album “Other Here Come The Cowboy Demos.” This album in particular had songs that reached US top charts within a month of its release date. The album was released on Oct 9, 2020 and contains 11 songs for a total of 30 minutes and 47 seconds.

Taken from Mac Demarco’s spotify albums, The album cover of “Other Here Comes the Cowboy Demos”
Picture credits to Mac Demarco’s album cover

Mac Demarco is known for his indie and alternative music style. This album represents that well without even containing lyrics in all the songs. His most listened to song on the album is called “Out of My Head.” The song talks about a man struggling in his life and looking for ways to make himself happier and relieve stress. One of his lines is “Drove out of town, just to see some stars. Out of my head, over how things are.” In this line he went to look at the stars because he found himself stressed at a moment in his life and needed something to make him feel better. 

Many of his listeners are teens and young adults. Many in his audience can relate to his songs because they can see their favorite singer also get stressed or annoyed and find himself needing reassurance. In this song he goes to look at the stars and to confess what he needs to find in himself. Since celebrities have such an influence on young minds, seeing that it’s okay to struggle and find things for self care may really help listeners in the future.