Why You Should Travel to Disney World


There are hidden Mickeys everywhere for you and your family to find during your experience. Picture by Juniper Journal from Unsplash

David Blanton, Staff Writer

Disney World offers a lot when it comes to family vacations and is somewhere that every family should get to experience. Here are the top four reasons why you should consider visiting Disney World for a guaranteed good time:

  1. Disney provides fun experiences for all ages and is a great escape from reality. It is a magical place that allows you to experience different worlds, full of adventure.
  2. There is something at Disney for everyone. There are many things that you can do at Disney World to have fun. For example, Disney provides a large variety of activities that go from a chill day at the pool to seeing shows and riding rides. 
  3. There are several places to eat within Disney World. It offers many different types of foods from different cultures for you to enjoy. Also, it offers common food that you can enjoy at food courts and various food stands around Disney. 
  4. Everything is well maintained for you and your family, meaning that bathrooms are always clean so you do not have to worry about how dirty they will be. Everything that you will see is kept to the highest quality possible, whether it be the buildings or the gardens.

On the other hand, pricing at Disney World can be an issue for many families. However, Disney World provides different types of restaurants and hotels, so there are many options of where to stay or eat, all with different prices. For more information on how to save at Disney World, see this link.