Theatre Company is a “9 to 5” Job


2020 participants of the production “Pippin!” Jessi Kirtley (graduated) front and center of this image. Photo credit: Emma Martin

Alexandra Wiggins , Staff Writer

Many outside audiences look forward to the performances put on by the Roswell High School Theatre Company. However, during unpredictable times, the Roswell Highschool Theatre Company has been strongly affected by Covid- 19. In theatre, to rehearse and sometimes audition, things have to be done in person to make decisions and create an outstanding performance. Virtual learning and social distancing has put a toll on some of these aspects of the theatre. One of the students, Emma Martin (11), explained, “not only are rehearsals and shows cancelled, but wearing a mask while performing limits the ability to connect with others on stage.” The theatre company also has had to “fight to keep the program running and everyone has had to work significantly harder to overcome time constraints, workspace constraints, and overall safety constraints,” mentions Hannah Zdancewitz (11). Through all of the troubling occurrences though, the theatre team has grown closer, and students have not lost the life-long friendships because even virtually, everyone’s bond is so strong. A lot of the students share the same preferences and agree with the decisions made so far in many circumstances. 

Roswell High School Theatre just recently announced the play that will be performed in the spring of the 2020-2021 school year. The director of the play, Trey Rutherford, announced that the company will be performing the play “9 to 5”. The production is an office satire that is set in the late 1970s. Three of the main characters are office secretaries (Violet, Judy, and Loralee) who plan to get revenge on their dictatorial boss by kidnapping him and controlling the business themselves. They all work at Consolidated Industries, which seems to tell a lot about the type of boss in the first place. The music is written by Dolly Parton, which interests many audiences because of her astounding song writing experience.  

“Pippin!” cast on stage! Josh Davis (graduated), played Pippin in the production, in the middle wearing grey. Photo credit: Emma Martin (11)

Originally, the determined performance was a production called, “Into the Woods”. Many students, not just involved in theatre, have heard about this musical because it was also an award winning movie in 2014. However, another theatre company in the area was already planning on performing this play. Therefore, due to licensing issues, RHS theatre was unable to get the approval to produce this musical. While many students were disappointed, they recognized the positive features of “9 to 5” and became happy with the decision. Emily Harrell (11), mentions, “I got excited really quickly for ‘9 to 5’ due to the message of feminism in the workplace and the Dolly Parton music!” In a world so challenging right now, it is important to spread different messages through performing and help the audience escape from reality while watching. Not only do these empowering messages help audiences escape from reality, it predominantly helps the actor/actress. Devon Delarm (12) says, “I love the fact that I can be somebody in a different world for an hour or two. I get to create a new person from scratch with their own goals and struggles!” 

In this type of art, many different students come together and create friendships that will stick with them forever. From a student not being in theatre, it is so fun to watch these students collaborate on doing what they love. Many different creative minds come together to generate different satires and musicals that leave an everlasting positive thought within the audience. Since everyone in the theatre company has a strong friendship, it has not been difficult for these students to stay in contact throughout times of Covid-19. Not only from a friendship circumstance, actors and actresses can leave their own experiences and emotions behind when they go out on stage. Many say that this is their favorite characteristic. “One of my favorite things about theatre is that when you are on stage, you completely become the character you are playing. This allows you to escape the personal anxieties and world issues for a period of time,” states Emma Martin (11). These escapes are most definitely needed during these afflicting times. 

Although things like performance dates and show times are not officially determined yet due to the pandemic, the Roswell Theatre Company has a date in mind. The show is planned to go on from April 15 to 18th, 2021, considerably, the weekend after Spring Break. There will be 4 to 5 productions of the show (or more) depending on capacity. As of now however, there are no set times for the performance. To stay updated with further announcements about the production  visit the Roswell High School website or go to the companies Instagram (@roswelltheatre) or the twitter handle (@Roswell_Theatre).