Meaningful Ways to Participate in MLK Day


Although right now is a very stressful time around the world, there are still many safe ways to participate in the Martin Luther King Jr. remembrance holiday this year!! Photo credit: @dk1994 on instagram

Katherine Northenor, Staff Writer

Martin Luther King Day is a very special day every year where everyone takes a day to remember everything MLK and other activists have accomplished in fighting against racial injustices. MLK Day is a federal holiday celebrated on the third Monday of January every year to honor the contributions and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. He was a civil rights activist and leader who showed amazing bravery and hard work in the fight for social injustices to better the lives of African Americans in the United States.


The holiday was created to serve as a day of remembrance and to inspire others to volunteer in some way to better their communities. Usually, this day is filled with peaceful marches and parades in honor of MLK, but it is likely that the day will look slightly different this year due to coronavirus concerns. It is probable that there will be some changes to events that annually occur on this day to align with CDC precautions and social distancing regulations. However, there are still many other ways to safely participate in this wonderful holiday individually or with friends and family.  


One way to celebrate this day is by looking deeper into the speeches and books written by Martin Luther King Jr. This is a great way to further educate yourself on the civil rights movement and the life of MLK. There are many online resources that allow you to electronically access many pieces of literature focused on racial injustices and activists such as Martin Luther King Jr. who spoke out against these discriminations. To read one of MLK’s most famous speeches, “I Have A Dream”, click here


Watching films dedicated to the life of MLK is another great way to participate in the day. A professor at Purdue University Global, Chloe Robinson talks about good ways to spend time this holiday reflecting when she states, “If you’re not willing or able to get out and about, you can do this by watching a relevant documentary, film or reading a book.” 

Educating yourself a little more by watching films about the civil rights movement or MLK’s life and legacy are great ways to spend this Martin Luther King Day. Photo Credit : Katie Northenor


Sophomore Taryn Peebles explains what she will be doing to celebrate this upcoming holiday, saying, “This year on MLK day my family and I will be watching a movie about the civil rights movement and Martin Luther King’s important contributions to the movement.” This is a really good way to reflect on the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. and what he spent most of his life speaking up about. 


One of the very best ways to spend your Martin Luther King day is through volunteering and helping out with service around your community. Make sure to abide by CDC coronavirus precautions if you decide to participate in social activities this MLK day to keep our community safe. talks about an easy and safe way to volunteer this MLK day when stating, “gather up some canned goods, paper products, disposable diapers and/or toiletries for your local food pantry.”


Lastly, supporting or donating to organizations that support and fight for equality of everyone are great activities to do this holiday in honor of MLK. There are many organizations you can give to, to help support a cause that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. worked towards himself. Some that you can visit are The Advancement Project, UN Women, Human Rights Campaign, etc. 

Martin Luther King Day is a really important holiday every year that reminds Americans about our past and what great leaders like MLK have done to improve the lives of everyone no matter their background. Spend this holiday remembering those who have fought for equality to make the world a better place for all.