The Creation and Distribution of the COVID-19 Vaccine

Nicole Powichroski

COVID-19 was the start of the downfall of 2020 and as the new year continues, the virus does as well in new strains, cases, and deaths. Luckily, due to the severity of the virus, a vaccine was able to be produced in record speed for the CDC. 


The benefits of this vaccine are as simple as keeping you from getting the virus, stopping the pandemic, and building up protection. Although important to receive the vaccine, currently it is limited due to a low supply. According to the CDC official website, “Phase 1b: Frontline essential workers and people 75 years and older” is the first phase of distributing the vaccine. This is so essential workers can resume their jobs in the safest way possible. Phase 1c is when the vaccine becomes available to 64-75 and 16-64 aged individuals. Those between the ages of 16-64 must have an underlying condition to receive the vaccine. 


The vaccine is the safest and easiest answer to ending the pandemic, but there are still concerns. Just like many developing vaccines, the COVID-19 vaccine does result in very minor side effects. Side effects could include pain/redness where the shot was given, fever, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, chills, and joint pain. The vaccine offers as many side effects as common prescription drugs. Although it is very common to not have any side effects, if one does it would be seen within the first three days of receiving the drug and lasts no more than two days. The concern rises with how quickly the vaccine was produced, but it has been proven to greatly reduce chances of getting the virus.


Sophomore Mia Nardiello says, “I hope it works. The stupid virus has ruined and killed so many lives, so I’m just hoping this vaccine can be the solution our world needs. I also hope when it becomes accessible to everyone that everyone has taken it. Possible minor side effects over getting a virus that could kill you seems like the logical response while in a pandemic. Hopefully it also means teachers would not have to leave school when exposed to a child that had coronavirus. I am ready to find a solution to this, so all we can do is put hope in the scientists and our politicians.” 


While the entire world pushes for the speed of the distribution, all citizens can hope for is other individuals in their life to be smart and receive the vaccine that is accessible to them. New science and technologies have allowed this vaccine to be created so quickly, finally hoping to put an end to this virus that has taken over the world. Until the vaccine is being produced to its largest abilities, masks and social distancing are still the safest ways to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. 


The CDC created a video on the vaccine, how you will feel, and how to receive it on their Youtube channel.