How COVID-19 cases are spiking, but flu cases are going down


COVID-19 cases are going up greatly as the flue cases have been going down as of now. Photo Credit: Grady Johnson

Grady Johnson

COVID-19 is still one of the biggest problems the world faces at the moment. Not only is the COVID-19 crisis increasing in cases but there is a decrease in flu cases this year.


COVID-19 and Influenza, commonly known as the “Flu,” are very similar. Although COVID-19 seems to spread more easily than the flu and causes more serious illnesses in some people, It can also take longer before people show symptoms and can be contagious for longer. Not only are the symptoms very similar, but it can also be very challenging to tell the difference between them. A very simple way of doing this is getting tested to confirm a diagnosis, but how can one virus be going up while one goes down?


Flu activity remains very low compared to past years due to the COVID-19 restrictions put out. Although COVID-19 is the main priority for vaccines to focus on this year, further in the future it doesn’t seem like Influenza is hitting hard as it usually does. There’s still a lot of time for the Influenza virus to explode, as it is expected to, but chances are uncertain due to the bizarre decrease this year. 


As there is a good sign in decreasing cases of the Influenza virus, the world faces an alarming death toll of spiking COVID-19 cases. “We’re seeing exponential spread,” says Celine Gounder, MD, an infectious disease specialist at the NYU Grossman School of Medicine. The word “increase” isn’t surprising at this point in time. The experts are hoping that the vaccines that have been distributed will help control the constant increase of cases as we have just entered the new year.


Sophomore Ryan Sargent says that “I believe that the increase in COVID cases and decrease in Influenza cases are greatly due to the fact of COVID-19 overpowering the flu; it’s that simple. I have a very strong view towards this as COVID-19 will eventually get better, but as of now, it will stay increasing.”