Review of 2009 Mustang

The 2009 mustang is just a great overall car!
Picture by

The 2009 mustang is just a great overall car! Picture by

Grady Johnson, staff writer

On Christmas, my parents had gotten me my first car, a 2009 Mustang. I had always been wanting a car ever since I had acquired my license back in the month of July. The car has about 210 Horsepower and is white with a cool looking hood scoop on the hood of the car. I had been thinking that I was eventually going to get a car but had no idea that my parents were going to surprise me with an awesome car like that. As you get into the car it has that new car smell everyone loves, I would have to say that is one of my favorite things about it. Another cool thing about the car that I absolutely love is that it is made to look like the older vintage Mustangs but has that new cool look to it. Although the car does not have that perfect look on the outside due to rust in the paint, I believe it is an amazing first car. 

Although the Ford Mustang only gets about 17 mpg, it is a very smooth rider for having 100,000 miles on it. The 2009 Mustang that my parents had bought was a special one due to the fact that it was a 45th-anniversary edition, meaning that they only had made a specific number of the cars. 

Everyday I look forward to the time I can get in my new car and go riding around in it. If you are looking to get into a sporty, reliable car, I recommend you go check out a Ford Mustang I love and I think you will too.