Review of the Neighbourhood’s new song “Stargazing” (clean) from their new album Chip Chrome & The Mono-Tones (Deluxe)


“Stargazing” by The Neighborhood listened to on Spotify. Photo by Nicole Powichroski

Nicole Powichroski, staff writer

A continuation of their last album “Chip Chrome & The Mono-Tones,” The Neighbourhood released a deluxe album on December 11th, 2020. The album is fifteen songs and forty-six and fifty-two seconds long. The songs included in the album are Stargazing, Over the Influence, Here We Go Again, The Shining, Chip Chrome, Pretty Boy, Lost in Translation. Devil’s Advocate, Hell or High Water, Cherry Flavoured, The Mono-Tones, BooHoo, Silver Lining, Tobacco Sunburst, and Middle of Somewhere. In their deluxe album, the song raising the most popularity is Stargazing.

Stargazing is the first song in the deluxe album and is three minutes and thirty-seven seconds. The song has gained a lot of popularity not only for being a good song but as well as the music video. This is because the music video includes many famous artists and actresses such as Alexia Demine, Lana del Ray, Mac Demarco, Jayden Smith, and other celebrities. 

The song is a love song lead singer Jesse Rutherford wrote and produced for his long-time girlfriend Devon Carlson who also appeared in the music video. The touching lyrics that express his love and how she makes him feel can make the listeners think of their significant other as well while listening to his song. 

The song is a modern pop/indie song as most of their songs are. The song itself makes you feel like you could be in love even if you are not because of the lyrics he used to describe his own partner. Lyrics like “You take me on a ride,” or “Gonna drive me crazy,” from the chorus express how she makes the artist feel in a way where he is crazy for her. His teen and the young adult audience can take this song to heart for being “young, dumb and in love.”