Coronavirus cases reach a soaring 25 million with the US way ahead of all other countries

This graph shows the world cases by the country, taking notice of how far ahead the United States is in the number of coronavirus cases when compared to the rest of the world. Graph Credit: John Elflein on

Katherine Northenor

Coronavirus cases in the United States climb to a staggering 25 million, but hope for falling cases and death rates is looking up. John Hopkins University recently released a statement on Saturday, January 23, 2021, confirming this statistic. The topic has been making its way across news sources everywhere as the massive amount of people that have been affected by this virus continues to climb. The current statistic since this announcement is 26.3 million cases, and when this data is compared to others from countries around the world it shows that the US is way ahead of other countries in not only cases but also deaths due to COVID-19. 


For now, the cases have begun to decrease because of the introduction of a new vaccine for the coronavirus that is now being distributed across the United States. The vaccine was created by Pfizer-BioNTech and contains a 95% accuracy rate. With the distribution of this new vaccine, COVID-19 cases have been going down fairly fast. 


This means that although we have hit the 25 million cases mark, hope for less spread of the disease is on the rise. covers this decrease in cases when saying, “Cases remain consistent in three states, Washington, Iowa, and New Hampshire, and American Samoa and are falling everywhere else.”


The vaccine will certainly help stop the spread of the coronavirus, but with the identification of a new strain originating in the UK predicted to make its way to the US, there are predictions of a spike in cases later on. The vaccine is less effective against this new strain, and the mutated strain is supposedly more contagious and deadly than the first one. With this comes a lot of fear on how this will impact everyone once it makes its way to the US. 


With COVID cases still on the rise, many students have begun to attend school virtually to protect themselves against the spread of the disease, along with many in-person students being contact traced.
Photo Credit : Katie Northenor


The appearance of this startling new statistic of 25 million cases in the US, along with talk about the new strain, has led to many people becoming worried about what will happen in the next few months. Roswell High School sophomore, Emma Stokes, expresses her feelings on this news when saying, “It definitely makes me feel scared that there are that many cases, especially since it’s been almost a year since this whole pandemic started and it only seems to be getting worse instead of better.” 


Looking towards the bright side of things, Stokes also states how she has hope for the future with the incorporation of the new vaccine. “Now that the vaccine has been developed, it makes me more hopeful, but we still have a long way to go for things to be back to normal again and there’s still so much about the virus we don’t know yet.” 


Ethan Codelli, another sophomore from RHS, explains how he anticipates a slowing down of the spread of the coronavirus and the new mutated strain by saying, “I am greatly upset by the rising cases in the US, but I hope for them to continue to decline due to the new vaccine. Even with the new strain coming from the UK, I have hope that these cases will continue to drop in the following months.” 


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