Packers GM, Ted Thompson, Passes Away at Age 68

Ted Thompson holding the Super Bowl XLV trophy after packers win 31-25 Photo by

Grady Johnson, staff writer

Aaron Rodgers, a quarterback (QB) out of California was selected as the twenty fourth overall pick of the 2005 NFL draft. Even though the Packers had former starting QB and 1 ballot Hall of Famer Brett Favre as the starter. A former General Manager (GM) by the name of Ted Thompson had selected the young talented QB and years later his one famed decision has made an immense impact on the notable organization of the Green Bay Packers.

At the age of 68 years old, Ted Thompson’s thirteen year impact on the Green Bay Packers will long be remembered as he had produced the talent for the Green Bay Packers to make championship runs. He was credited for always doing things the right way and Thompson had witnessed nine playoff appearances in thirteen seasons as the Packers GM. To read the Packers’ statement about it, click here.

As Ted Thompson came to be the new Green Bay Packers general manager in 2005 he had always expected near perfection and had wanted to be competitive and win. Ted Thompson had made an impact right away on not just the Packers organization but the players. Players saw him more than just a guy who brought players in to win, but as a great role model. With Ted Thompson being the manager for thirteen years, his team had an overall record of 125-82-1. 

Green Bay had been 10-8 in postseason play, but reached four National Football Conference (NFC) title games (2007, 2010, 2014, 2016). In 2010 his team had finally done it by bringing the Packers their fourth Super Bowl trophy as well as his twenty fourth overall pick in the 2005 NFL draft winning the Super Bowl MVP. Ted Thompson had received high heat from the fan base but it was one decision that set the stage for the organization to be a playoff contender for the next decade continuing to the present. To read more on this, click here.

To honor Ted Thompson’s impact on the organization and the players, the Green Bay Packers will install his name on the Lambeau Field Façade before the 2021 season to honor his accomplishments not just as the GM, but as a person. The Packers president/CEO Mark Murphy had shared the plans with the Thompson family as they expressed their gratitude. 

Although Ted Thompson wanted nothing more than to win, he did not have a victorious celebration after Super Bowl XLV. Thompson tried to stay humble and tried his best to hide from the spotlight and generally did not enjoy media duties. Those who had strong relationships with Thompson wished the fans could have known him as well. “He’s a guy that’s held in the highest regard in this building and around the league,” stated head coach Matt LaFleur of the Green Bay Packers. To read more on that, click here.

“As I think about the Packers organization I think about one guy who has had such an impact on the organization it’s Ted Thompson. It is hard to describe in words how much this guy will be missed as a packers fan, we will forever miss him as the great person he was” stated Sophomore Atlanta Griffin. 

With the passing of the Green Bay Packers former GM, people will not forget him for the work and effort he put into the organization and how he handled himself on and off the field. He was a leader, a role model and an overall good person. 

“I believe that Ted Thompson had one heck of an impact for that organization, it had just seemed like the organization he had built was just headed  in the right way but not only that but as a great person. His legacy won’t be forgotten.” shared Junior Garrett Rothwell.