Roswell swim team dives into state


The team finished out their season strong and are ready to swim their hardest at state on Saturday February 6th. Photo Credit: Roswell Swim and Dive Instagram

Rachel Sandstrom, Staff Writer

Swim season is coming to a successful end and that means state is just around the corner. Roswell swimmers faced many challenges throughout their season due to the infamous COVID-19, including a shortened season meaning less practice time and multiple swimmers dropping in out of practice due to becoming ill or being exposed to the virus. Despite the odds stacked against them, they were able to persevere through hard work and sheer force of will to end the season on a great note. 


There were many successes throughout the season including placing in the top three as a team overall at most meets. At one of their very last meets in Adairsville, the team was able to place second out of a total of 32 teams. That was a huge success and mirrors their hard work all season long. In addition to placing high up on the scoreboard, Coach Granville says everyone on the team was able to better their times and several even got personal bests throughout the season. This reflects each swimmers’ hard work and Coach Granville’s superior coaching. 


Coach Granville was extremely proud of the team this year, even more so than previous seasons. He says it is already very difficult to be on the team because practices are every morning starting at 5:30. He talks about how this really separates the kids who want to be on the team and put in the hours to become a better swimmer from the kids who don’t have that desire. It takes a lot of motivation and with the added obstacles the pandemic has brought, the swimmers have really grown, not just as a teammate but individually as well. 


An extra shoutout goes to swimmers Cecelia Rubio, Fiona Getch, Tyler Godoy, Atlanta Griffith, Emilie Franz, Addison West, Noah Griffin, Jack Dana, Zach Beatly, Alex Janus, Grant Johnson, Conner Erickson, and Tommy Chritton for qualifying for state. They have worked tirelessly all season and are ready to show off their skills. After sitting down and having a conversation with swim Coach Granville I truly believe these swimmers have defied the odds this season more than any other and it will reflect at state this Saturday, “Because of swimmers being in quarantine…it plays a role on how they do. Overall I think they’re going to do really well for their times. Because we’re a smaller team we can’t rack up all the points the bigger teams do. That doesn’t mean our individual events won’t do well.”


Swimmer and state qualifier Cecelia Rubio says herself and the rest of the team are excited for state but a little bummed that it won’t be quite the same as previous years due to the pandemic. She says there won’t be a preliminary finals session, instead there will only be one timed finals session. When I asked if this would put more pressure on the team she replied, “Yes there will be more pressure to place higher because now you only have one chance to swim instead of two, and the hype around finals won’t be there anymore since the whole vibe of the meet is different than normal.” Although this will take a toll on the team at state, they have worked tirelessly all season and all they need is a little more encouragement. So, if you see a swimmer in the hall this week make sure to give them a “good luck” and a smile to provide them that extra boost of confidence before heading to state. 


As well as the team has done this season, there is always room to improve. Coach Granville states the main thing is recruiting more team members, “Getting other students involved to get the team to a larger capacity makes us a lot more competitive.” So if you or someone you know is thinking about joining the swim team next year give Coach Granville an email at [email protected]. On behalf of the Sting Staff we wish all swimmers who have qualified for state congratulations and good luck!