Sports journalist Terez Paylor and his legacy


Photo of Terez Paylor (far right),Darrius Smith (middle) and Mick Shaffer (far left) of when they went on 41 action news. Photo credit: @terez_paylor on instagram

Grace Swift, Editor - Opinion Page

Prominent pro football journalist Terez Paylor died suddenly at age 37, his fiancée said Tuesday. Paylor joined the Star after graduating from Howard University in 2006, covering everything from preps to arena football to Sporting Kansas City of Major League Soccer.  NFL says, “He also covered the University of Missouri before taking over the Chiefs beat in 2013, and he would spend the next seven-plus years covering his beloved NFL.Three years ago, he joined Yahoo Sports as a senior writer to cover the league on a national level.”

Ebony Reed, Paylor’s fiance, shared an announcement on Twitter reporting that while they are shocked and disheartened by Terez Paylor’s sudden passing, they also celebrate his remarkable life that affected so many. She replied that Paylor was an outstanding journalist whose passion for football gave him a respected voice.

While Paylor was a journalist, he was also one of 48 voting members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He was also a member of the Pro Football Writers of America and National Association of Black Journalists.

In the last several days, Paylor is the third high-profile sports reporter to die. Chris Wesseling, the author and podcaster, passed away last Friday at 46 following a longtime battle with cancer. Pedro Gomez, the ESPN baseball reporter, passed away surprisingly on Sunday at 58.

Johnn Ludden, Yahoo Sports Editor-in-Chief, also published an official announcement following Paylor’s sudden loss. Ludden stated that they are sorrowful to hear that their friend and teammate has died. 

Mitchell Schwartz, Offensive Tackle for the Kansas Chiefs wrote, “Man, this sucks. Terez was an awesome guy. He was genuine, enthusiastic, and always wished us the best. He also asked good questions to learn more about the game. He was constantly striving for knowledge, especially about OL play and the intricacies within. So sad to hear this.”

Chris Mortensen is also really saddened by Paylor’s sudden passing. “Terez Paylor is another crushing loss.” he wrote, “I was so impressed a few years ago with how he did his job on the @Chiefs beat, I called to express my admiration and how he made us proud. People my age, we know time here is finite. Terez was 37. What a loss.” 

Reed and his loving parents survive Paylor. Memorial and funeral organizations will be published at a later date. The family of Paylor is sad about losing their young, kind man who was always a great supporter to them.

Abhi Tayal, junior, was asked how he felt about Terez Paylor’s death and he responded, “It was very sad to hear about the passing of Terez Paylor, however his legend and writing as a journalist will live on and be remembered by many.”