Joe Biden’s First Days in the White House


In his first two weeks in office, President Joe Biden has signed into effect 28 different executive orders in order to move the country in a positive direction. Photo Credit : @potus/Joe Biden Instagram

Denis Ilksoy

After a close presidential campaign, the Democratic party nominee Joe Biden emerged victorious and became the 46th President of the United States on Jan. 20, 2021. As is with every American president, their first actions in office are oftentimes the most crucial and indicative of how that president will operate for the rest of their term. This means that the citizens of the U.S., both Democrats and Republicans, eagerly watch President Biden’s every move.

In his first two weeks in office, President Joe Biden has already made many strides towards change, making him one of the most initially active presidents since Roosevelt in 1933. Source: Federal Register Credit: Tamara Keith and Zach Levitt/NPR

Joe Biden’s many executive orders are being signed to combat and reverse some of the policies enacted by the Trump administration during the last few years. He addressed many pressing issues, including COVID-19, immigration, and environmental well being. The president unveiled a wave of COVID-19 related plans. A “mask up” initiative will serve to encourage Americans to wear a protective mask to combat the risks of COVID-19. Biden also announced a 1.9 trillion dollar COVID-19 relief package that promises to bring a wave of $1,400 stimulus payments and extend unemployment benefits for those who cannot work because of the pandemic.


Joe Biden made major changes to the actions taken by former president Donald Trump. On his first day in office, Biden rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement, undoing a controversial move made by Trump in 2017. The president ceased the permit granted to build the Keystone XL pipeline along with plans to discard numerous “harmful” environmental proclamations signed by the Trump administration. Another portion of the executive orders signed were to keep promises that would “prevent and combat discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation.” Repealing the transgender military ban and making federal nondiscrimination policies extends protection to members of the LGBTQ+ community.


Immigration reform executive orders were also signed by the president on his first day in office. One of the most significant reversals of policy was reenacting the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Undocumented immigrants would also be included in the decennial census carried out by the federal government as per another executive order. Alongside a myriad of changes aimed at benefiting undocumented immigrants, Joe Biden immediately terminated Trump’s border wall and will review the reallocation of the funds soon.


President Biden’s first days in office will be remembered as some of the most active of any U.S. president to date. While being positively received with 57% of Americans confident that President Biden will make progress for unification according to an Ipsos poll, the results of President Biden’s residency in office are being widely awaited by millions of Americans.