The Passing of Radio Legend Larry King


Longtime radio legend Larry King passed away on January 23, 2021 at the age of 87. Picture by Larry King Twitter

Denis Ilksoy, Staff Writer

On Saturday January 23, 2021 beloved CNN icon and host of “Larry King Live” for over 25 years, Larry King, passed away. 

Undoubtedly, King was one of the paramount figureheads out of all hosts on CNN and arguably television history. For over 63 years, Larry King gave thousands of interviews and asked mountains of questions, gaining him numerous awards and global recognition.

Through some 30,000 interviews Larry King mastered his style of Q&A with guests ranging from athletes, celebrities, and everyday people who would phone in to talk with him. King is famous for having interviewed every single president from Gerald Ford to Barack Obama. Numerous stars have appeared on King’s show to be prominently questioned by one of the greatest broadcast journalists of all time.

Click here to hear Larry King’s last words in footage from his sign-off in his final broadcast of “Larry King Live.”

Born Larry Zeiger, the eager 24 year old got his start in the media world as a DJ for a studio in Miami. In his 2009 autobiography King explains that his boss said “You can’t use Larry Zeiger, people won’t remember it. You need a better name.” Fortunately a news ad for King’s Liquors had been laying out on the desk and the name had stuck for the many years to come.

Airing it’s first episode in 1985 “Larry King Live” quickly became CNN’s most famous and most routinely watched program, earning King the title of the network’s biggest star. He continued a decorated career until the show’s end in 2010. Larry King then left CNN in 2011 expecting that it meant retirement, but continued to host “Larry King Now” as well as other broadcasting media until his death early this year. 

According to CNN, “King, it seemed, just never wanted the interview to end”.