Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in Roswell

Jessie Schwitters, Staff Writer

Our environment is important for us as humans to sustain life on this earth. However, due to pollution and overpopulation the environment has progressively become worse; oceans and bodies of water are filled with trash that is killing sea animals. Helping isn’t necessarily only donating to charities, which can be very helpful, but not always accessible and affordable. There are free and affordable things you can do in the Roswell area that can help the environment.

Water Saving Projects

One way to help the environment is by reducing your water usage to only what you need. When you reduce the amount of hot water for showers, sinks etc you are reducing the amount of energy it takes to process and deliver it to homes which helps prevent the amount of pollution and converse fuel resources. Some good ways you can reduce your water usage is to shorten your showers, a typical shower uses five to ten gallons of water per minute.

Some more good water conservation tips in the Roswell area can be found here in this Roswell Goverment page.


A more common thing everyone is told is to recycle, but the importance of recycling can really help the environment. Recycle the plastic around soda cans has not been recycled correctly and has been thrown into the ocean causing animals to choke on the plastic and die. The same thing has been happening with plastic straws as famous as they got to recycle them back in 2019. Plastic straws can also cause animals to choke on the plastic or the animal will swallow the plastic and die.

A way to help prevent all the plastic from being thrown into the ocean is to make sure you recycle any plastic you do use, but to also try to lower the amount of plastic used. For example change plastic straws with metal or biodegradable straws. 

In Roswell the recycling center takes many types of materials great for wanting to get rid of something like an old television or other electronics. Instead of throwing them away, you could recycle them. 

For more information visit the Roswell Recycling Center home page here.

Donating and Volunteering 

If you’re looking for good places to donate in the Roswell area here are some ideas.

Simply use your local Goodwill; Goodwill is a great organization where you can donate your clothes and objects for other people to buy. This helps reduce waste so you won’t have to throw away and make the landfills worse. When you donate to thrift stores like Goodwill you’re helping people who are maybe in need of your stuff more than you. Goodwill also helps create jobs for people in your area.

Another place you could volunteer is the Chattahoochee Nature Center where you can not only learn how to better the environment, but also volunteer to help the environment. For more information on volunteering and helping click here.