New Music in Nashville

Claire Mulkey, Director of Communications

Caption: Musgraves’ last album sent her skyrocketing to fame. (Credit: Claire Mulkey)

Country music’s hottest star and most popular outcast Kacey Musgraves released her hit album Golden Hour in 2018. It won Album of the Year and shot her to fame outside of country music. She became a favorite for her psychedelic, relevant, progressive songs and has outgrown the confines of country music into something of an artsy, alternative, folk, pop singer-songwriter. Freshman Elise Mulkey describes her style as “eccentric country.” Fans have been waiting for years for new music following her huge Oh, What a World tour and divorce from fellow country music outsider Ruston Kelly and finally, it seems that a new album is on its way. 

Speculation is swirling around her plans as she posts images on her Instagram from what look to be a red-themed photo shoot with Rolling Stone magazine. Her image on Apple Music, which was previously a photograph from shoots of her last album, has been changed to match the Instagram pictures.

In her interview with Rolling Stone, she says that her divorce album will be 39 songs in the style of a Greek tragedy, drawing comparisons to Taylor Swift’s multi-album releases this year. Musgraves’ new album has not been officially announced, but her Rolling Stone article gives insight into her plans. No matter the release date or publicity given, fans can be sure that Musgraves’ new album will be unlike anything they’ve heard, for centuries at least.