Review on Delray Beach, Florida

Cecilia Rubio, Staff Writer

Beachside lunch at the Seagate Hotel beach club in Delray. (Credit: Cecilia Rubio)

This past month, I took a trip down to Delray Beach right by Boca Raton. There was a lot going on down there while we were down there, such as the Delray Beach Open and the National Championship just an hour south in Miami. The city had lots of restaurants and stores to keep you busy and enjoy your time. The beach is along A1A and provides a nice boulevard to drive down and eat, as well as walk along. Some places we went to were Lionfish, a seafood restaurant that offered many different seafood options as well as non-seafood items. The next place we went was El Camino, a popular Mexican restaurant in downtown Delray. A cheesesteak restaurant on the corner of Atlantic Avenue serves cheesesteaks as well as fried Oreos which we made sure to try. The weather was in the 70’s and sometimes reached the 80’s, a very nice break from the cold Atlanta weather. The one downside of the city was an abundance of loud and fast cars speeding throughout the streets which were startling sometimes. Overall, Delray had a lot of very good restaurants and the beaches were clean and very pretty.