Review of Silk Hawaiian Shirts

Grady Johnson, Staff Writer

I recently tried silk Hawaiian shirts out and I love the fit and how they feel! (Credit: Grady Johnson)

As I started craving a new look for clothes, I tried everything until I found that perfect look that felt like me—and that was silk Hawaiian shirts. Silk Hawaiian shirts not only feel very light and comfortable, but they come in very cool patterns that look good on all kinds of people. The shirts are typically short sleeved, and they look best tucked in.

I found out that I loved the look since I love the beach and warm weather. I love the colorful shirts, as they come with many patterns that match with almost anything! If you don’t know which color you’re into, try as many as you can. There’s an infinite number of combinations.

Overall, I love the way I look in Hawaiian silk shirts and I highly recommend trying them out to see how it fits you.