Best Steak Rub

Luke Hicks, Staff Writer

Cook your Steak to whatever rarity you like (Credit: Luke Hicks)

Steak. The most dad thing ever. Grilling on a Sunday getting ready to yell at the TV for 3 hours about the SNF game. Plates loaded with the smokey smell of a classic dad steakAfter asking my own father, “How do I get one of those type of steaks?” he always likes to tell me his famous rub that he swears by.  

First off, he likes to put Private Selection’s Texas Inspired Seasoning Rub, Bold and Smoky, followed by Black Barbecue Rib Rub. He then uses a little bit of salt and pepper to lead into Worcester sauce. My dad likes his steak medium rare. To achieve this, he gets the grill hot, and cooks it about 5 minutes on each side to get a brownish black glaze. Cut open the middle and see if it’s what you like. There’s nothing better than a great steak that just hits the spot. 

1. The Blackjack Barbecue rib rub is perfect to go along with all the other rubs                                          2. Mix the rubs together and you are set for a fabulous steak! 3. Texas steakhouse bold and smoky rub gives a perfect smoky flavor that completes the steak (Credit: Luke Hicks)