Students opinions on new “shoe ban”

Jessie Schwitters, Staff Writer

This past Friday, Dr. Shaw released the weekly newsletter that gave news that Roswell’s dress code now has banned all forms of shoes and students must attend school with bare feet. If the student chooses to wear socks they must be apportate for school with no graphic designs and no inappropriate words or symbols. 

When asked Students opinions on the new dress code, freshman Drew Maddox stated, “I think the new dress code is interesting but I don’t mind it in fact I can’t wait to go into school Monday shoeless. It’s going to be such a relief to not have to pick out shoes every single day!”

However when I interviewed Freshman Kate Holloway she stated, “I don’t like the new dress code because I bought so many shoes and now can’t show them off, at least let us wear graphic socks; it would make my outfits more stylish.” 

Many students have had mixed reactions to the new dress code but the majority have been positive. Most students can’t wait to go back to school not having to wear shoes. 

Teachers are even thinking about adding certain socks to their classrooms that students must put on when entering and when they leave they must dispose of them in the closet trash can. 

The pros for students at Roswell have been waking up later and being more on time since they didn’t have to struggle to put their shoes on. The school rating of tardies has gone down extremely. 

Alberto Santro, a sophomore at Roswell states, “I haven’t had one tardy since the new dress code has been in place.”

However, some of the cons students have reported is them slipping in the halls due to having no traction. 

But teachers reported the issue to Dr. Shaw a couple days ago and they’re talking about changing the dress code again, making traction on the socks mandatory to make the students safer. 

Students’ ideas of the new no shoes ban have been mixed but there’s been more positives than negative and students can’t wait to be able to be shoeless and free walking around the halls.