Making Mascot Monkey Business


Patrick came and cheered on the Varsity Girl’s Lacrosse in the stands. Photo by Jenna Keiser and edit by Gabby Lerner

Gabby Lerner

After over 72 years of his role as mascot, the Roswell Hornet will be flying from the nest to be replaced with a new, vicious personality. Starting in the fall of 2021, the administration has approved the new mascot, the proboscis monkey. 

Parents and students are left wondering, “Why?” and “What is this monkey thing?”

The proboscis monkey is a type of monkey found in southeast Asia and is currently an endangered species. The administration explained that they want to raise awareness by adopting a new mascot to represent all endangered species throughout the world. 

These furry primates have reddish brown fur and can grow up to 50 pounds. The males develop a long hooked nose which they use to attract mates. 

The proboscis monkey is one of the most athletic primates in the world because they are proficient swimmers and are great at leaping from tree to tree. The administration likes that they are physically gifted, like all the athletes at Roswell. Proboscis monkeys are also smart and clever, similar to the student population. 

The captain of the cheerleading team, junior Mckaylie Williams, shared her thoughts about the new mascots saying, “This is so exciting! I love that Roswell is raising awareness for all the endangered species out there.” 

Williams also shared that the cheerleading team will be introducing new chants using the scientific name for proboscis monkey, Nasalis larvatus. Next fall, football fans will cheer for Roswell by chanting, “Go nasty Nasalis larvatus!”, “Push them back, powerful proboscis!” and “Go mighty monkeys!” 

In addition to the new chant, the administration has partnered with a zoo in Borneo to bring in a real proboscis monkey named Patrick. Patrick will be brought to all games and pep rallies to cheer and pump up students. Patrick will also run across the field at the beginning of every football game with the team captains. 

Freshman Daisy Duke expressed her excitement about having a real proboscis monkey at Roswell, saying, “I think I can speak for everyone when saying that it is going to be so cool to have a real monkey here. I can’t wait to see Patrick at sporting events!” 

Teachers are also very excited about having Patrick at school. The science department shared that they are looking forward to teaching students about the origins of the proboscis monkey and other species similar to it. 

To add to the new mascot, Roswell will also be changing their school colors to orange and gray, to match the colors of the proboscis monkey. 

The new mascot Patrick made a surprise visit to watch the baseball team in action. He will be permanently moved in the fall to Roswell. (Original photo by: Jenna Keiser Graphic by: Gabby Lerner)

Sophomore Michael Hunt shared his thoughts about the color change saying, “I think it’s really cool that the school colors are going to be orange. It brightens everything up.” Hunt also explained that he and other students think that black and green were boring colors, and the new ones will be more fierce.

Students are excited to be making the switch from Roswell Hornets to Roswell Proboscis Monkeys.

For more information about our new mascot click here.