Latest studies confirm dogs can speak human languages and have been ignoring us all this time


Katherine Northenor

With the coming out of recent research that states dogs are able to speak human languages, dogs all over the word are beginning to finally voice their opinion and complaints about their owners that they have been holding in for so long.

Katherine Northenor

Professor Edward Humane’s recent study conducted at Yale University produced shocking results that confirmed dogs are not only able to understand what humans say, but also are able to speak human languages. This makes some wonder why they have been hiding this extremely crucial secret for so many years. Many have come to believe that it is because dogs wanted to avoid work of any kind, and instead run around and sleep all day, a luxury we, as humans, do not have. 


This new discovery has led to many significant changes in the daily life of dog owners. Now dogs can be spotted chatting and playing at parks, dining at restaurants around the Roswell area, and doing several other routine tasks usually taken on by humans. It is truly a bizarre sight to see dogs engaging in casual activities with their owners as if they are humans as well. 


In a recent interview with Sparky, a chihuahua from the Jones family, he explains the real reason why dogs all over the world have been keeping this information under wraps for so long. “Of course we would hide it from you! We see you guys leave for work five days a week at the earliest hours in the morning and return late at night, exhausted from working. If humans ever found out we could speak and perform tasks just like them, they would expect the same dreadful work from us. Why would we ever decide to do that instead of lying around all day doing nothing.” 


We also conducted an interview with Bella, a bulldog from the Smith family. She stated, “I actually wanted to speak and have conversations with my owner, but the dog species had collectively decided to keep our ability to speak a secret from humans. They feared being forced into jobs and having to pay rent in their own homes. Who was I to expose every single dog on the planet?” 

Dogs have started taking after their owners and wearing clothing pieces while out doing normal daily activities. This bizarre sight of dogs doing casual human tasks is something that will definitely take some getting used to. Photo by Katherine Northenor

With this new knowledge being brought to light, there are definitely some negatives as well as positives. On the negative side, dogs are now complaining constantly that a different family’s dog is getting more attention and treats all the time, while they only get belly rubs and treats every so often. Rocky, the standard poodle from the Anderson family, explains this when stating, “I recently found out through a discussion with my neighbor Max, the german shepherd, that he has been getting hamburgers every Monday night, but my owners rarely ever give me any human food! What is this about?!” 


On the positive side, dogs are building stronger relationships with their owners through conversations, along with helping to do tasks around the house that they had previously avoided. With many different breeds of dogs now wandering about Roswell, it is unclear how these new changes will affect the role that dogs play in our society in the future.


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