From Feud to Family


News alert! Kanye has moved on yet another popular sensation, Taylor Swift. Will this relationship end with love or another feud? Picture by Alli Wiggins.

Alexandra Wiggins, Staff Writer

Kanye West and Taylor Swift have just made this decade even stranger. Everyone has already dealt with plenty of unexpectedness, and this news is just the cherry on top . Just recently, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian had announced their divorce after almost 7 years of marriage. Out of the media’s eye, West has been seen by the public on the streets of Los Angeles with Taylor Swift after West and Kardashian announced their divorce. It is recently reported that Swift and West have been a couple for almost 4 years and are planning to get married in the small town Roswell, Georgia.

The preexisting relationship between West and Swift has been mutually unpleasant and furthest from love. Swift had said that West had basically stolen her spotlight and caused drama that wasn’t needed. As this drama was going on, Kim Kardashian attempted to insert herself in  between West and Swift to “solve the issues”, however this just made things worse. The two soon began to realize they shared hate towards Kardashian and how she was eager to be included. This situation helped West and Swift realize they had love for each other and that they should just forget the past and create a new life together. Kanye was still loyal to Kim and their kids during the affair, which was just peculiar to begin with.

West and Swift are planning to finalize their marriage at the Roswell Mill on Atlanta Street. This will take place on June 22, 2021. Swift says she has some close companionships with some citizens of Roswell which is the reason she wants to get married in this endearing town. A student at Roswell High School, Bobby Louis (11), is attending the wedding and is going to be a groomsman for Kanye West. Louis states, “My parents have been close with Kanye because of his musical productions, so he decided to ask me to be a part of the wedding, I am so honored to be a part of such an important time for Taylor and Kanye.” There will be a variety of celebrities and non celebrities attending, adding up to about 500 guests. 

Beyonce and Jay-Z will be the special guest performance, which will be a spectacular show. The budget for the wedding is just over $300,000 including catering from Vas Kouzina, a local Greek kitchen. Another Roswell student, Juliette Phillips (12), is a waitress at Vaz Kouzina exclaims, “I actually get to be a part of the wedding as well. They need extra servers and people to help clean up after the party is over. I cannot wait for this exciting experience to accompany Mr. and Mrs. West!” “Cakes By Darcy”, another local bakery, will be providing the wedding cake and a variety of other desserts for the guests. 

After Swift and West officially tie the knot, they plan to move into a $37 million penthouse in Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia. Taylor mentions that she wishes to start a family and continue producing music as Kanye does the same. The couple has already brought unexpected news into pop culture, and the world cannot wait to watch the new couples lives develop together.