Review: Starbucks pistachio latte

Nicole Powichroski, Staff Writer

After Starbucks blesses their customers with the holiday drinks, they need to find new drinks to make up for the ones they only sell seasonally. With spring coming up they made a latte with pistachio flavor. Pistachio-flavored items are popular specifically with ice cream, macaroons, and other pastry items. This flavor is usually similar to almond with benzaldehyde to achieve the pistachio-like flavor.

Starbucks pistachio latte can come either hot or over ice. The traditional latte has 320 calories, nine grams of fat, twenty-five milligrams of cholesterol, 310mg of sodium, forty-eight grams of carbohydrates, twelve grams of protein, and 150mg of caffeine.

Advertisement of Starbucks new Pistachio latte on their website (Credit: Starbucks)

Advertisement of Starbucks new Pistachio latte on their website 

The drink itself was not that sweet compared to other drinks Starbucks sells. It had an almond extract flavoring compared to a pistachio-like flavor you would expect from ice cream. The drink had a slightly bitter taste which could have been the added pistachio flavor so the drink wasn’t solidly almond extract. 

All around the drink was underwhelming but still good. Although personally, I would buy the beverage again. I recommend it for those who like the taste of almond extract as this drink could be perfect for those who do. For those who like the traditional pistachio flavor that is present in ice creams this drink would not satisfy the pistachio flavor. All around the drink would be a 5/10 for it was not my favorite but still enjoyable.