Tennis rackets for bats in Roswell baseball season

Grady Johnson, Staff Writer

For the upcoming Roswell High School baseball season the team is super excited to use the new and fully functional tennis rackets as they swing their way into the season. The tryouts for the baseball team will be held on Apr. 1  from 12:AM-12PM, as the coaches look to see which players can excel their game with the new and fully functional tennis rackets. Although the coaches have no idea how long the rackets will last they are fully prepared as they have purchased 100 plus backup rackets.

Jamarcus J. is the new RHS baseball head coach. Although many questioned his decision, he simply responded “I just love baseball but although I have a deep love for that nothing beats my Tennis passion, if there’s a way I can mix a lil tennis in there I’m gonna do it!” He continues on to say, “With so many people questioning my decision I’m just used to it at this point I just love to just mix things up.”

“I honestly can’t wait, I’m so excited to try my new outfit to impress Coach J our new coach, he loves tennis so I’m gonna flex my new headband and khakis with my cherry red polo shirt as tennis players rock all the time,” states star player James Bread. Although James Bread was super excited for the upcoming season, he had no comment on whether the tennis rackets were a good option for the replacement of bats.

To be able to try out on the team you will have to be experienced with at least 2 years minimum of playing tennis but not only that understand why tennis is truly a better sport than other sports. If the requirements are not met and you do not make the team you will be told by the coach himself why you are never allowed to look or talk about the sport ever again. “It’s called tough love. If you don’t like me, or my style isn’t what you expect you don’t belong, that’s just it.”

“I am looking forward to seeing everyone at tryouts and can’t wait to see the talent that I get to shape this upcoming season. Also don’t forget your Tennis Rackets!”