Rating Popular Face Masks Based on Style and Comfort 

Gemma Mueller-Hill, Staff Writer

At the beginning of the pandemic, face mask selection was very limited, and most people ordered them off Amazon or other online shopping websites. Now that mask wearing has become an essential part of everyone’s daily routine, the variety of masks you can purchase is almost endless. The availability of masks at common shopping centers such as Target and Publix have also allowed for many more options to choose from.  

Alli Wiggins, junior, wearing an Athleta face mask. (Credit: Gemma Mueller-Hill)

My usual mask of choice is a disposable, blue surgical mask, however the environmental concern of these disposable masks started to weigh on my conscious and so I have been looking into different brands and types of reusable masks that are more eco-friendly. I researched masks by the brand Skim, and while they are quite pricey, based on customer reviews, these reusable masks are definitely a contender if your major mask concerns are style and comfort. 

 Another popular mask option, masks from the store Athleta, can be seen on many students and teacherthroughout Roswell Highschool. While these masks appear very stylish and trendy with the several colors and adjustable ear strapsI found them to hurt my ears after about 6 hours of wearing them and would only recommend them for short outings.  

I also decided to try out some Target brand maskshad to purchase them in the kids’ size to fit my small face and even though they offer many cute patterns and colors, I found the fit of both the adult and kid sized masks to be a little awkward. However, I still think these are a good option, if you have a time constraint and need a mask, as Target is accessible and the prices are affordable.  

The last face masks I tried were from Old Navy. When selecting which masks I wanted to purchase it was very difficult because of the variety of patterns and colors available. I enjoyed that these masks had adjustable ear straps, which didn’t hurt my ears throughout the day, however I didn’t like how much the straps stuck out behind my ears. I would definitely recommend these masks, as they are very affordable and accommodating with their adjustable straps and range of styles.