What’s “the buzz” about The Buzz?

Savannah Young, Staff Writer

From Sadie Ziegler’s “Good News” to signature comedy sketches, every student at Roswell High School can find something to enjoy when watching RHS’s weekly student broadcast, The Buzz 

For the past year, RHS’s Ms. Mann has been running a broadcasting elective that’s given students an opportunity to relay important information to their classmates, staff, and families. And, every Friday, everyone tunes in to see what The Buzz has in store.  

While The Buzz is well-known by students and staff, not everyone knows how much hard-work and dedication goes into each episode.  

Behind the scenes, hours upon hours goes into each and every episode. And, with only a week to film, edit, and upload them, it’s clear that the broadcasting class has to work quickly and efficiently in order to provide RHS with much-needed information. 

And The Buzz does just that.  

Ms. Mann, who teaches the class, said that their goal is to “deliver news, provide entertainment, and give students and staff some relief.”  

The Buzz allows students to have a creative outlet, something they enjoy greatly.” She said, “And it also allows students who aren’t in the class to be involved, whether that’s through questions or skits.” 

Man went on to explain that she gives her students a sense of independence and freedom. 

I’m pretty hands-off when it comes to The Buzz.” She said, “The staff know what they want to do, and they’re passionate about it. They make it happen. 

She explained that she saw this when she started teaching in January of last year, stating, “Even when school went virtual, they continued to pour into The Buzz. At the beginning of this school year, I saw them hit the pavement and give it 150%. They’re a great group.” 

“I love teaching broadcasting. It allows me to teach a new generation something I’m passionate about—film.” She stated, “Broadcasting, all in all, is an amazing class to take.” 

And her students agree. 

Jakob Torino, junior, said that, “I really enjoy being in broadcasting—it’s fun, entertaining, and overall a really good part of my day. My dad’s in the industry, so it’s interesting to see what he does day-to-day.” 

And sophomore Trey Hinds agrees, stating, “It’s a really good way to form friendships with one another. Until this class, we hadn’t really talked to one another.” 

Matt Harding, junior, jokingly, said that “These were the guys I avoided.” 

When The Buzz staff were asked what they liked about the class, they each had one thing in common: making fun of “6th grader” (sophomore) Bradley Willis. 

Willis may not have had a choice in joining the class, but he’s grown to enjoy it, “I like how much freedom we get with The Buzz. We have a lot of fun interviewing everyone.” 

As for the reason why The Buzz staff likes to make fun of Bradley, Harding stated that, “We like making fun of Bradley, but it’s in a sense of love.”  

Overall, Harding enjoys spending time with his classmates. 

“In all seriousness, I like hanging out with the friends I’ve made on The Buzz. If I had the financial stability, I’d go to Brusters with them everyday after school. You don’t go to Brusters with just anyone.” 

Speaking of Bradley, the sophomore stated that he “enjoys how much freedom [we] get with The Buzz. We have a lot of fun interviewing everyone.” 

Bradley stated, “We’ve all got a special thing going on here. A bromance.” 

And, while it was mutually agreed that broadcasting is a fun class to be in, some students see it as a career path.  

Take Alex Janus for example, who said that “I can see myself going into broadcasting when I’m older. It’s a lot of fun now, and I can imagine that it’ll be a lot of fun in the future. I’m excited to see where it goes.” 

And The Buzz staff aren’t the only people that appreciate the broadcasting class. 

Students like Morgan Zdancewicz do, too. 

“I can really appreciate The Buzz and what the staff does each week. As someone who did news in middle school, I can understand how much effort and hard work they put into it.” The 9th grader stated. 

She added that, “It’s fun, especially the comedy sketches, and even covers RHS’ smaller sports, like softball and tennis in their sports segment.” 

Even Ms. Jordan Shonka, who teaches 9th grade English, watches the Buzz, and said that her favorite part was “watching the skits” as they’ve “made her laugh on more than one occasion”. 

All in all, The Buzz is something that anyone and everyone can enjoy.  

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