Teachers getting their dose of safety


Teachers are hoping that they will no longer need to worried about getting COVID-19 as they receive their vaccine. Credit: Gabby Lerner

Gabby Lerner

Heroes of the classroom are finally getting the protection and recognition they deserve. On Monday, March 8 teachers were granted access to the COVID-19 vaccine by Governor Kemp.  Many teachers jumped on the opportunity to get their first dose as soon as possible, while other teachers received the vaccine during their designated vaccination days. 


Teachers in Fulton county were given days the week of March 22 to receive the COVID-19 vaccine depending on the ages they teach. The vaccination site teachers were sent to was Mercedes Benz Stadium, where the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United play. 


Chemistry teacher Mrs. Chilton received her vaccination at Mercedes Benz Stadium on March 26. She explained how easy the process was, “If you work in Fulton County, they had you go to the side and they took you straight in so you didn’t have to wait in a line. As soon as you got in there were all these signs with the Fulton County logo and you just followed them around. They gave us a bracelet and we just followed them right in. The longest part was just walking.”


Mrs. Chilton also shared that she received the Pfizer vaccine and felt no side effects other than soreness. 


However, some teachers like Mrs. Ravi and Ms. Kendig got their first dose during the teacher workdays held on March 12. As stated in the previous article, both teachers had planned to be first in line to get their vaccination as soon as it was available, along with others in their department. 


Mrs. Ravi explained, “I feel somewhat protected.”  She continued by sharing that it was easier to get the vaccination during the teacher workday over her lunch break versus driving over to Mercedes Benz. Mrs. Ravi went on to state that she wanted to be online during the Fulton County virtual days to help out her students and carry on with her lesson plan.


Ms. Kendig, after getting her shot on March 11, also feels more secure and comfortable. She happily exclaimed,  “I went to a restaurant for the first time not long ago and I was so excited!” She also shared that she is ready to see all of her students back in person and hopes for a more normal school environment next year. 


Both Ms. Kendig and Mrs. Ravi received the Moderna vaccination. Ms. Kendig said that she felt very tired days upon getting it, while Mrs. Ravi felt no symptoms. 


The three teachers are slightly apprehensive about how students will respond to a more controlled and normal learning environment next school year.  


There are so many questions about what will happen next, but whatever the “new normal” may be, Ms. Kendig, Mrs. Chilton, and Mrs. Ravi are ready. 

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