Suspected local murderer out on bond: What people in Roswell should do about it

All the help is needed as family and friends of Kelly try to put her alleged murderer back behind bars. Picture:

Luke Hicks

On January 16th, Kelly Vucelich was brutally murdered by her fiancé. Jason Hall, charged with the murder, is now out on bond. Family and friends of the victim are outraged and demand justice for Kelly. At $100,000 the bond seemed extremely high. However, Hall was still bailed out and receives the same freedoms as a normal person. Hall’s ex-wife has filed a restraining order and pulled her kids out of school following Hall’s release 

In a Fox 5 interview with Kelly’s close friend, she states that a petition of hers has almost reached 3,500 signatures. The petition is to revoke Jason Hall’s bond and get him back into jail. In the description of the petition, it states that the bond was issued by “Fulton County Judge Kimberly Esmond Adams and [Hall] was told to wear an ankle monitoring bracelet and stay away from the victim’s family. He’s currently staying in a home in Sugar Hill and has been given no restrictions to possessing firearms.” An alleged murderer is walking free, and the people of Fulton county need to help stop that. Below is the link to the petition that will help get Jason Hall back into jail.  

Petition to get Jason Hall back into jail 

A cause that requires help is at hand, and the people of Fulton county can help solve this issue. Please sign the petition to keep Roswell safe and prevent an alleged murderer from walking the streets.