COVID-19 restrictions being lifted—timely or too soon?

Savannah Young, Staff Writer

For the past year, one of the only things on students mind has been “when will COVID-19 be over?” 

While numbers have drastically decreased in the past two months, students are still left wondering whether or not we’ll ever go back to our lives pre-COVID-19—or if how we’re living now is “the new normal.” 

For the students at Roswell High School, this is a question they ask themselves daily, wishing they could safely spend time with their friends, or see family that they haven’t set eyes on in over a year—or even have the regular high school experience.  

While some believe that lifting restrictions is taking a step back to our lives pre-COVID-19, the students of RHS have mixed feelings about their choice. 

“Honestly, I think it’s too soon to lift the restrictions,” sophomore McKenna Rowlett states, “Not enough people are vaccinated—it’ll be chaos.” 

Rowlett added that she “understands they’re trying to get back to normal” but that “it’s too soon.” 

The situation in Texas, and other states planning on lifting all COVID-19 restrictions, hits close to home for the sixteen-year-old. 

“I have a lot of family in Texas,” Rowlett states. “Now that they’re lifting restrictions, I’m starting to worry about them. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to see them, and now I have the feeling that this decision will drag that out even longer.” 

I have a bad feeling about this, honestly,” Rowlett says, “What they’re doing… it’s irresponsible.” 

8th grade Crabapple Middle School teacher Mrs. Deborah McCaulley agrees with Rowlett, stating that it’s “definitely too soon to lift all restrictions.” 

“Every day, we hear of a new strain of COVID-19 appearing in our nation,” McCaulley says. “I think that restrictions should be lifted for those who have been vaccinated, but it’s too difficult to determine who’s in that group at the moment.” 

She adds that, “Current restrictions should stay in place.” 

However, not everyone agrees that current restrictions should stay in place.  

Rowlett’s brother, freshman Tristan Rowlett, takes a different stance on the matter. 

“If Texans have been following COVID-19 restrictions and the numbers are down far enough, then I think it’s the right thing to do in order to get back into normalcy.” He said, adding, “But if they’ve been disregarding it, I think it could lead into another lockdown. 

Even though lifting COVID-19 restrictions is generally frowned upon by students, teachers, and families, it doesn’t seem like states want to slow down the process of opening back up and getting back to “normalcy.” 

Here’s what the Roswell community had to say:

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