Fashion with Rules

Maynor Chinchilla, Editor - People Page

Rules are a set of explicit or understood regulations or principles governing conduct within a particular activity or sphere. Rules are a very important part of society that hold evil from us and keep everyone safe. Other rules such as the Roswell High school dress code do not play a large part in safety but they play a big part in keeping the school organized and keeping students from getting distracted.

Some of the rules that the RHS dress code has are: no trench coats, no pajamas or slippers, no wallet chains or other types of chains and more. Here is a list of them.


The Roswell Sting interviewed a student, teacher, and other people who have an everyday life in the school to learn what people who attend the building every day think about the rules on the dress code and to learn what happens to students who do not follow these rules. 

One of the people who were interviewed was Mr. Josh Martin. Mr. Martin is an assistant principal. One of the first questions asked to Mr. Martin was, “Why is the dress code important?” He answered, “The dress code is important for RHS to maintain a safe, orderly, and professional environment for students and teachers.” 

Other things that Mr. Martin told the Roswell Sting was that the school makes the students follow the dress code by having administrators and teachers monitoring them. Mr. Martin also stated that the dress code has been changed through the changes of fashions in our world, for example, “Several years ago, yoga pants used to be prohibited in the dress code, but because they became really popular they decided to change this rule.” 

Mr. Josh Martin also told the Roswell Sting what happens to students who do not follow the dress code. His answer was, “It depends on the violation, often it results in a warning. For instance, if a student is wearing a hat in the hall, they are asked to remove it. If the hat is seen again, it could result in an office referral.” Also if the students do not follow the rules they would be sent home, or would need to ask their parents to bring new clothes that respect the dress code.

The next person to be interviewed was Ms. Lauren Butler. Ms. Butler thinks that we should be able to express our feelings, thoughts, or cultures with our clothes, but she also thinks that this thought, or way of expressing should not hurt or attack any other student. To the comment about the fact that a lot of students do not know the rules of the dress code, Ms. Butler answered by saying that it would be incredible to have a Buzz episode where the rules could be included so every student can follow them. 

Lia Rodriguez, a freshman at Roswell High School said that no one told her the rules when she entered the school, and because of this reason she has received warnings for wearing something that is not appropriate on the dress code. For this reason she loves the idea of having a Buzz episode where she could see the rules. She also introduced the idea of being reminded of the dress code everyday on the morning announcements. 

Mr. Lance Foskey, a teacher at Roswell High School thinks that it is important for students to have a dress code because this way they learn that the way of dressing can say a lot about everyone. He also thinks that being dressed more formally makes you better at being successful. Mr. Foskey says that he never has to report anyone in the office because of the clothes they are wearing because every time he tells a student to cover or take something out the students are happy to help.

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