The Most Important Packing Item

Noah Goulbourne

With Spring break around the cornerstudents are beginning to pack their bags for vacation. A popular destination among students is Florida. Since the pandemic started, the CDC has recorded over two million cases and has recently recorded over 35,000 new cases in the last weekSpring break travelers are the main factor for this recent surge in casesAt the beaches and in towns, crowds have increased, and social distancing is not practiced. Recently, Miami Beach officials installed a curfew at 8pm in hopes of a decrease in the mass crowds. Some of the vacationers have been arrested due to not complying to the new curfews. In an interview with the Miami Herald, City Manager Raul Aguila said, ““The curfew has been working. “We’ve seen arrests go down, the size of crowds go down and safety restored in South Beach.”  


Another one of the Covid-19 restrictions that have been broken include masks wearing. Most people tend to wear masks when indoors but let their guard down outside. USA Today says, Florida did not enact a statewide mask mandate since the pandemic started, leaving the decision to city and county governments. With Florida not mandating masks, travelers are more susceptible to COVID-19Wearing a mask on the beach can be difficult. You cannot wear your mask while in the water, so most will not wear them while they are relaxing in the sand. While on the beach during break, the CDC has provided tons of options for you to stay safe while enjoying your vacation. Click here for more info.


Curious on how this Roswell student plans to handle spring break. Click here for the full interview: